Originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, I began an early career as a pianist, and my interest in composition emerged as a consequence of performing contemporary music. In here you will find a bunch of my works and performances, as well as upcoming events, and the occasional blog post about some of my interests. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy what you listen.

January 25th, 2018

Check out the latest entry to my blog. I wrote this for the Omnivorous Listeners Blog, at the Institute for Research and Community Website.

April 21st, 2017

My Final Composition Recital is up! Please have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments.


-Reflections of the Internet, Composition Recital (April 21, 2017)

  1. The Internet, for soprano and piano, for Jaimie Rose
  2. Adagio detestabile, for piano and visuals, for Catie Seeley
  3. Infoxication, for piano
  4. The Most Beautiful Music You Have Ever Heard
  5. My first Vlog, for basset horn and soundtrack, for Allie Harrington
  6. Coquette, for cello and piano, for Catie Seeley and Alanna Hunter
  7. Amigos, for violin, cello, and piano, for Josias Sanchez and Mabel Contreras
  8. kthxbye, for soprano and piano, for Jaimie Rose

-Chido, for orchestra (Premiered and recorded in January, 2017) University of Manitoba Orchestra

-The endling, for two cellos, soprano sax, melodica, piano, and tape (Premiered in February, 2017) BUNME

-Symphonic Speedrun, for concert band (revising, 2017) for BU Symphonic Band

-Infoxication, for piano (Premiered in October, 2016)

-Conflux, for violin and piano (June, 2016) For Danielle and Riley

-Java, for piano (April, 2016) For Maria

-Homage a Neil Degrasse Tyson, for piano four hands and tape (Premiered in June, 2015) Centric Festival

-Not a Sonatina, for clarinet and prepared piano (May, 2015) for Bison Duo

-Winter's Thaw, for piano four hands (Premiered July, 2015) Suzuki Summer Festival

-Unity Network (Premiered January, 2015) BUNME

-Fun, for soprano and piano (December, 2014) For Sarah Kirsh and Madeline Hildebrand

- Three Paraprosdokians, for clarinet, violin, cello, piano (Premiered in August, 2014) Commissioned by David Wilson

- First Steps, for piano (Premiered in April 2014; European Premiere, July 2014)

Huldufunk, for clarinet and piano (Premiered in June 2014) Centric Festival, for Bison Duo

- String Quartet no. 2 “¿Viva?” (Premiered March 2014)

Within, for electronics (Premiered Jan 29, 2014)

- Miniatura, for Chamber Ensemble (Premiered January 2014) Comissioned by Megumi Masaki

- Balaboo, for piano four hands (Premiered April, 2013) for Jesse Plessis

- Colour trip no. 3, for violin and tape (Premiered March, 2013) for Julia Watson

- String Quartet no. 1 “Mutations”  (2013)






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