Luis Ramirez

Originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, I began an early career as a pianist, and my interest in composition emerged as a consequence of performing contemporary music.

I started my Bachelor studies at the Aguascalientes University, and in 2012 I received a full scholarship to study at Brandon University in Manitoba, where I earned my Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance and subsequently my Master of Music degree in Piano in 2016 studying with Alexander Tselyakov. The following year I obtained my Master of Music degree in Composition with Dr. Patrick Carrabré at the same institution.

Passion and curiosity have been essential components of my development as a musician. I have been awarded numerous scholarships and have performed across Mexico, Canada, Italy, and Serbia. I have had multiple works commissioned, with premieres at the Casalmaggiore Festival, Italy (First steps, 2014) AugustFest, MB (Three Paraprosdokians, 2014) Centric Festival, AB (Hommage à NDT, 2016) and Brandon, MB (Reflections of the Internet, Symphonic Speedrun 2017). Recently, my work Chido was premiered by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra during the Winnipeg New Music Festival 2018 as winner of the CMC Prairie Region Emerging Composer Competition. From 2017 to 2018 I was a Research Assistant at Brandon University and the conductor of the Brandon Community Orchestra. As an eclectic musician, I have toured as a classical pianist, performed in Jazz festivals as a member of the Latin music Indestructible Band, conducted the Brandon Community Orchestra, and I am currently a member of the Amarras Tango Quintet.

I am currently pursuing my doctoral studies at York University in Toronto with Randolph Peters.

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