Luis Ramirez


Originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, I began an early career as a pianist, and my interest in composition emerged as a consequence of performing contemporary music.

I started my Bachelor studies at the Aguascalientes University, and in 2012 I received a full scholarship to study at Brandon University in Manitoba, where I earned my Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance and subsequently my Master of Music degree in Piano in 2016. I recently obtained my Master of Music degree in Composition, with Dr. Patrick Carrabré at the same institution.

Passion and curiosity have been essential components of my development as a musician. I have been awarded numerous scholarships and have performed across Mexico, Canada, Italy, and Serbia. I have had multiple works commissioned, with premieres at the Casalmaggiore Festival, Italy (First steps, 2014) AugustFest, MB (Three Paraprosdokians, 2014) Centric Festival, AB (Hommage à NDT, 2016) and Brandon, MB (Reflections of the Internet, Symphonic Speedrun 2017). From 2017 to 2018 I was a Research Assistant at Brandon University and the conductor of the Brandon Community Orchestra. I am currently pursuing my doctoral studies at York University in Toronto.