Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez

Originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico, I began an early career as a pianist, and my interest in composition emerged as a consequence of performing contemporary music. In here you will find a bunch of my works and performances, as well as upcoming events, and the occasional blog post about some of my interests. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy what you listen.


February 2020

I had a lovely conversation with Matthew Fava from the Canadian Music Centre where we talked about my Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra Fellowship, tango, and Jacob Collier. I may have brushed my teeth during the interview. Please check it out!

November, 2019

I have been selected to write a piece for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and could not be more delighted! I am so happy to be a part of this mentorship opportunity with Gemma New and Composer-in-Residence Abigail Richardson-Schulte. The piece will premiere on May 21st, 2020. You can read more about it here.





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